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Unomap is a Digital Identity network, serving as an ID platform, building channels through which identities data are re-useable, shareable, and manageable by owner.

Unomap is where you start to be able to manage your identities digitally, over your smartphone, to access to various services that require your identification.

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How Unomap Works

How decentralization of ID is beneficial to all.

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Going digital is inevitable in the context of sustaining the technology wave, we help creating decentralized ID model, fostering endeavours towards digital tomorrow, to embrace technology is to decentralizing the use of Identity with Unomap.

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There is no way to exclude signature in the context of identity as eSignature/Digital Signature in the context of Digital Identity. Unosign is a security enchanced, identity-tied eSignature feature on the platform of Unomap.

e-Sign with greate confidence, as easy as a QR code scanning.


CheckIN is a useful tool for recording of presence. It could be used for attendance marking for event, meeting, class, work and etc. All it needs is just a scan of a QR code by users. Interestingly, you can use it under online and offline situation, and even restrict attendance to only specified group users.


UnoTag is what you need to keep track of the uses of your assets when they are used or rented. Assign your renting asset with a QR code, users’ scans generate a record of who used it, when it was taken, when it was returned, and why was it used for.

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Digitalizing business processes emphasizing customer's identities.

Unomap. Team, 2018

Why Unomap?

We are on a mission to build a new IDENTITY MODEL that is beneficial to consumers and businesses


Easy access to your ID information


Digital proof of who you are


Automated administrative processes, save time and resources


QR-style interaction, simple and economic approach


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Unomap is available on both web and mobile app. Sign up now to start experiencing the available services.

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Not sure how Unomap actually is?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated users

To make sure identities are genuine, Unomap works with identity issuing entities or Identity Providers (IdPs), enabling only legit identities issued by a specific IdP to be useable over Unomap Digital ID platform.
Unomap does not store sensitive personal information. Data carried over on Unomap platform are encrypted that even we do not have access to, and data are mainly stored where they were originated.
Unomap services are available on both mobile app and web platforms, features are complemented over both app and web version of Unomap. We make sure what needed to be convenient are easily accessible over the app, while not neglecting the need to rely on web when it is better to go for web in terms of experience.
As the business and social environments go digital, Digital ID would be needed to enhance our efficiency of interacting with the digital environment, with great level of confidence. Your ID should be easily managed in your hand for all the time you need to, that is what Unomap could bring to users.

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