We are on a mission to
build a new IDENTITY MODEL
that is beneficial to
consumers and businesses.

What is Unomap

Unomap is a Digital Identity network, serving as an ID platform,
building channels through which identities data are re-useable,
shareable, and manageable by owner.

Unomap's Story

Many had been studying and trying on applying a new identity model that better
the existing physical identity data model, which scattered across ID owner, organizations and
other entities. The inconsistency and silo of ID data management had caused tremendous
use of time, man-power and resources required whenever processing of ID related
and specific data are necessary in rendering services to ID owner.
Not to mention also problem related to ID fraud and ID theft.
At Unomap, we believe in decentralization and the rules and regulations about Identity,
we work for a digital identity system that involves collaboration with several industry
players to jointly make a new ID model possible and generally accepted.
Digital ID is vastly broad, starting with a narrower applications, Unomap
envisioned a "new world ID model" in this growing digital world.

Why Unomap

Going digital is inevitable in the context of sustaining the technology wave.
We help creating decentralized ID model,
fostering endeavours towards digital tomorrow,
to embrace technology is to decentralizing the use of Identity with Unomap.


Identity is the core to all technology appearance of the future.